4 months

Isaiah turned 4 months old yesterday! My tiny baby boy isn’t so tiny anymore. He is already rolling over to his tummy to sleep at night, which has been nice because I think it helps him sleep longer! He hasn’t quite mastered the rolling from tummy to back though, he mostly falls over on accident because his head sways too far to one side.

I remember the first time I checked on him in his Pack ‘n Play and he was on his stomach and practically face down, I nearly had a heart attack. I’m pretty sure I stood there for 20 minutes debating whether to roll him back or not for fear of him waking up (after I made sure he was breathing of course). Mama’s gotta take advantage of the baby sleeping any chance she gets!

Like now for example, he has been sleeping for almost an hour and a half longer than he usually does in the morning. I’m not sure if he is sleeping better since he had been getting closer to 4 months, or if we are just wearing him out enough during the day that he is exhausted at night. His sleep patterns lately have been so nice though (I probably just jinxed it), he has been sleeping for roughly 11 hours with only one feeding most nights! Writing this down makes it really apparent how lucky I should feel right now, especially since I know that ‘4 month sleep regression’ is a thing. I’m sure it will hit me eventually, but for now I need to bask in the endless infant sleep nights.

I have to admit it though, I secretly miss him when he sleeps long stretches like this. He is so happy when he wakes up and seeing him that happy always puts me in a good mood. I think his first awake stretch is my favorite part of the day because he makes you feel like he missed you just as much as you missed him.

Recently a friend of mine pointed out that we spend so much time saying “I can’t wait for my baby to do that”, but we should instead be saying “I am excited for _____ milestone”. The more we say we can’t wait, the more we will regret not cherishing the time we had with them when they were younger, before they had reached those milestones. And let’s be honest, we can all wait for the walking milestone a little longer ;).

Time is flying faster than I anticipated, so I have to love and cherish every second that I can and try to make it last.

And on that note, my baby boy is awake, so I am going to go cuddle him and watch him smile and melt all over again.


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