Life as a New Mom

Becoming a mom is definitely the most challenging, rewarding, and exciting experience of my life. I still don’t think it has fully processed that I am a mother, especially since it happened so fast!

I was finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing when my boyfriend and I found out we were pregnant 😱. At first I was scared, but after a while I became more excited about the future than I had ever been. Once I finished up school, I continued working at the local coffee shop I had been employed at for 5+ years. We had planned on me becoming a stay at home mom after I went on maternity leave, which would be a huge change for me since I have been working and going to school for such a long time.




Since I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy I have ever laid eyes on, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way than what it is now. We spend most of our days cuddling and growing together as a mother and son. Not only am I learning more about him every day, I am learning things about myself that I never knew or focused on.

Some of the things I have learned as a new mom:

  1. I can be very patient
  2. I can also be very impatient
  3. I love to snuggle
  4. Surviving on very little sleep is a real thing
  5. I miss wine…and tequila…but mostly wine
  6. My creative cooking ability is pretty obsolete (thank God for Pinterest)
  7. I love watching my son grow
  8. Becoming a mom has made me want to become a better person

I know that every day I will learn something new, and that is the most exciting part about motherhood, there is never a dull moment! I can’t wait for all the adventures that lie ahead of our little family, but for now I am trying to take one day at a time.


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